The Saudi Global Institute (SGI) is a technical educational organization in Saudi Arabia aims to promote learning through vocational training and capacity building activities.
Our premises lie in the popular shores of Arab Gulf; the Eastern district of Saudi Arabia.
We are devoted to improve the skills and build the capacities of the Saudi and Arab youth in some key areas of technical knowledge to develop their skills, enhance their self-confidence and achieve career development and innovation.



The provision of vocational training and consultancy service for capacity-building in a professional manner and by distinguished cadres, in such a way that contributes to increasing the competitiveness and satisfying the global standards of performance.



Pioneering in provision of integrated training and consultative solutions, and preparing of future leaders in order to achieve sustainable development

Our Values


Excellence, Forward-Driven, Focused

Courses We Offer

We provide training and consultancies in various areas of:

  • Oil & gas industries
  • Electrical & Mechanical engineering
  • Maritime, Navigation & Logistics
  • Security, safety, health & Environment
  • Leadership & Management

Our training programs were planned to cope with the changing needs of the employees and emerging innovations in science

Our Success Partners

Our valuable assets and partners of success are proudly extended day by day to reaching successes in various fields of talent development.
We are dedicated to afford the latest knowledge in our various field of training. With so many clients across a multitude of industries, we are proud to be a part of the great things our clients achieve.